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Why You Should Be Using Digital Prototypes

Throughout the development cycle of a product, an organisation will go through multiple iterations of a product before it even makes it to becoming a physical prototype. Traditionally, at this time the product will still go through more iterations, before a final product is ready for release. Even then there are likely to be further redesigns and releases.

With the latest technological advancements in simulation solutions it is now possible to delay the need for physical prototypes to even later in the development cycle. With the introduction of high-quality 3D product renderings that can be interacted with through Virtual and Augmented Reality, it allows the designers, users and everyone else involved in the development of the product to get a realistic impression of the product before a physical prototype is needed.

The benefits that can be found by using this digital prototyping approach can have a massive impact to the overall development of a product.


No matter how much an organisation may try, the likelihood of all the materials used during the physical prototyping stage of the product development process being fully recyclable or reusable is low. By implementing digital prototyping and moving the physical prototypes to a much later stage in the process, organisations are able to reduce the amount of materials wastage and improve their sustainability and become more environmentally friendly.

Reduced Time and Cost

By utilising digital prototypes, the time and cost required to create physical prototypes is dramatically reduced. Any product will go through multiple iterations with multiple design reviews, by completing these design reviews in the digital space through virtual and augmented reality solutions, you have removed the requirement to product multiple physical prototypes for those reviews.

Quicker time to market

By removing multiple physical prototypes for both design review and to achieve stakeholder buy-in the development cycle is reduced meaning that products can be delivered to market quicker than before, whilst still achieving the same level of quality.

Gain User Feedback Earlier in the Development Process

Through the creation of digital prototypes organisations can provide key users with access to that prototype earlier in the development cycle allowing them to provide crucial feedback and insight on how they would interact with the product, allowing the designers to modify and improve the product before a physical prototype is ever manufactured.

This isn’t an exhaustive list of the benefits, but alone they are certainly worth investing in the technologies required to implement digital prototyping. Regardless of the sector that an organisation operates within, they can soon see the benefits to their business of implementing Digital Prototypes.

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