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Program and Project Management

Why Might You Need Programme and Project Management?

All companies are faced with ever-shrinking product lifecycles in order to timely satisfy the diverging needs of global markets. This has resulted in an increase in concurrent product development programs, which necessitates adoption of concurrent engineering methods.

However, this also increases complexity due to the parallel activity of various functional teams. Coordinating the various engineering teams to prevent overloaded resources and bottlenecks is critical for optimising cycle time. Project management software and tools can help you to ensure your project is completed successfully, meeting your required timescales and standards.

How Can Design Rule Help?

The 3DEXPERIENCE solution delivers an end-to-end project management platform, which enables companies to optimise staffing plans with real-time utilisation reports to assess availability of key skills across all projects and drive a phased-base decision making process using best-in-class process templates with predefined phases, gates and milestones. As this solution is part of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform it enables in-process data collection, collaboration and analysis which allow teams to work together and share information more effectively.

3DEXPERIENCE Program and Project Management Solution Includes:

  • A single secure web based platform for the management of complex collaborative projects involving internal and external teams of prospects, customers, suppliers, and partners.
  • Real-time access to project pipelines for rapid analysis and decision making.
  • Bi-directional integration with MS Project for import and reporting.
  • Resource utilisation to reduce conflicts between project managers and functional group managers.
  • Phased-based decision making processes using best-in-class process templates, with predefined phases, gates and milestones, allowing coordination and collaboration on the planning and execution of projects in real-time.
  • Phase-based deliverables are links to actual 3DEXPERIENCE processes or objects.
  • Execution and oversight of complex product development activities by decomposing projects into smaller manageable projects with visibility to sub-project dependencies.
  • Track meetings, decisions, and deliverables baselines so that traceability is established for historical reference.

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