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Design Rule’s success in implementing Product Lifecycle Management comes from creating a full and developed overview of business goals, by means of forming a close relationship with our clients. This in turn helps to fully grasp the current business situation and holistically mould a path to future business success.

Investing in increasing the efficiency of how your business operates has an unprecedented opportunity to drive better business outcomes. Let us deliver smart solutions to your everyday challenges and together drive your business forward.

The Problem

  • Do you want/need to improve how you deliver products to your customers and don’t know where to start?
  • Do you need a business case to justify digital transformation?
  • Do you need help understanding advancements in technology supporting how your business operates in order to shape your vision?
  • Could you use a roadmap and playbook outlining how to meet and exceed your business transformation and growth goals?

The Solution

We can help you to be crystal clear about what’s working today and what can be improved based on the needs of your customers and your organisation’s strategic goals. We’ll provide advice about how you can develop your organisations processes and what tools you might need along the way. We’ll then wrap up these improvements in a business case to help you get the financial backing needed to move forward.


Our Business Value Assessment is a review at your site that aims to get an all-encompassing view of the performance of your business – covering things like the businesses objectives, challenges and initiatives.

The assessment is carried out by our Business Consultants who interview your key personnel addressing everything from how you capture requirements, all the way through to how you manufacture and supply your products to your customers.

These interviews are focused on how the company is performing with regards to People, Processes, and Tools and identifies non-value activities that can be reduced or removed in their entirety.

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