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Pall Uses Design Rule’s Online Assisted Training

Client Name

Pall Manufacturing

Solutions Providers

Design Rule

Products & Services Involved

CATIA Training

The Problem

Philip Sedgeman is an Aerospace Production Engineer at Pall Manufacturing and recently needed to complete some CATIA training.

The Solution

Philip contacted Design Rule, who are a Platinum Value Added Reseller of Dassault Systèmes’ CATIA and ENOVIA, to provide him with CATIA Training. Design Rule were able to offer him the training online, but with the assistance of having a remote instructor at scheduled times.

The assisted online training courses provide the benefits that are offered by traditional online training courses along with additional instructor support sessions at various times through the course, this is a proven method to maximise the effectivity of online training. By having a scheduled call with the course instructor you are able to review the day’s topics and discuss additional methods and processes.

Philip said, “If an issue occurred either with myself or the course content, I would contact Kevin to arrange a net meeting to resolve.”

Solution Benefits

Philip describes the pros of the training below:

  • The cost of training was very much reduced.
  • My manager still had me on site if required.
  • Executing the course online saved me 2 days’ travelling, along with saving Pall all of my hotel and subsistence expenses.
  • I had 5 days to fit the training in instead of the 3-4 that I would get depending on the length of travel.
  • I can continue to log in to the online website for 12 months as and when I require.

You don’t have the instant feedback of having the tutor in the room and have to wait for WebEx support at times, but this was far better than having to work alone, alternative exercises are available to work on during this time and there is plenty of documentation to read which will fill any gaps.

I found that the training allowed me to work at my own pace rather than to a set agenda, I could also move around the different modules to focus on the specific parts of the training that I required. This meant that if I was stuck on a specific topic, I could move to another part of the training while waiting for support. I found Kevin, my online tutor to be excellent.”

Philip Sedgeman, Pall Manufacturing UK Ltd

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