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Meet UK Mobile Home Demand Without a Hitch

How Staycation Providers can Keep up With Boom in Demand and Reduce Costs

Covid-19 restrictions and limits on foreign travel have driven a dramatic increase in demand for the UK Staycation Industry. As one example, Park Dean Resorts report an 60% increase of traffic to their site, with holiday bookings increasing by 144%. Data suggests that as the travel industry begins to reopen, 55% of holidaymakers are planning to make the most of the warmer summer weather by holidaying in the UK and spending over £8billion in the process.

For manufacturing companies this presents an incredible opportunity, but an increase in demand also brings with it a unique set of challenges. With the pressures of getting new products to market and keeping up with demand, there has never been a bigger need to address the following –

• Lead times need to be reduced to accommodate to new demand
• High prototyping costs, or a long time to prototype
• Ensuring your factory shop floor can follow new Covid 19 distancing guidelines

Below we explain how the DELMIA Solution can solve these challenges.

Lead times need to be reduced to accommodate to new demand – 30% reduced lead time

Reducing lead time is a complicated and multi-faceted challenge – however DELMIA digital twin offers the ability to reduce costs related to errors in design, manufacture and production, collectively bringing down lead times. Through automated process planning to simulated line balancing, DELMIA ensures your production is running at peak performance, resulting in drastically reduced lead times.

High prototyping costs or a long time to prototype – 40% time reduction in process planning

Keeping up with current demands means introducing new and exciting products. However, prototyping comes with its own obstacles. What if you could –

• Simulate all manufacturing and production steps, thus reducing unnecessary rework, expensive changes and long adjustment cycles
• Reduce the need for back and forth from manufacture to design
• Simulate assembly to identify clashes and automate work instruction changes to the shop floor

With DELMIA, all of this is possible.

Ensuring your factory shop floor can follow new Covid 19 distancing guidelines – Confidence in providing demand

A concern for all manufacturers is how to continue working, while accounting for social distancing measures in the workplace, all the while ensuring maximum efficiency.

With DELMIA Digital Twin, you can build a 3d mock-up of the shop floor, and run simulations that allow for Covid measures, as well as ensuring the line runs at optimum capacity for production.

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