Manage the product lifecycle

Launching the right product at the right moment, and controling your cost price while respecting the original specifications are both crucial to the sustainability of a company. With PLM solutions from Dassault Systèmes, Visiativ helps companies achieve project success.

Smart Enterprises perform better because they innovate faster.

Create your technical documentation

Is creating technical documentation tedious work? With Visiativ and its solutions, everything is easier and your documentation takes on a whole new dimension. It becomes a showcase (efficient promotion of complex machines, maintenance assistance or making repairs). And you, what would you do with this?

Smart Enterprises rely on their documentation to propose new uses and unique services

Manage documents in conjunction with your ERP

Manage all your company’s documents in conjunction with your ERP (production documents, FO, …) with solutions and services from Visiativ.

Make information available to all stakeholders throughout the product lifecycle. Directly access client information, suppliers, articles directly from your ERP.

Dematerialize your company

Say goodbye to paper! 
With solutions from Visiativ, consult, save or share all information required to achieve your mission. Like more than 200,000 people, enter into a new dimension of performance and comfort at work: with zero paper.

With a global and real-time view of all documents, Smart Enterprises can anticipate and make the right decisions.

Automate your processes

Improve traceability, reaction time and improve the client experience with Visiativ’s solutions that automate your processes.
Transform the paper forms used by your finance, marketing, HR, service or sales divisions into efficient, agile and manageable applications.

By automating their processes, Smart Entreprises can become more flexible and improve their response time.