Supplier and RFQ Management

Why Might You Need Help With Supplier and RFQ Management?

Across all manufacturing industries, the value generated in a company’s supply chain continues to be more critical to its success. Outsourcing of design and manufacturing demands a product development platform that can handle the complexity of a globally dispersed resource subject to global regulations. With standard and engineered products representing a growing percentage of a company’s direct costs, partnering with value-chain suppliers early in the development of a new product rings enormous benefits.

How Can Design Rule Help?

3DEXPERIENCE for Supplier and Sourcing Management is delivers and end-to-end solution for managing a sourcing ecosystem from RFQ to Supplier Score Cards.  Engineering and quality managers can provide key suppliers with real-time access to appropriate project information, integrating them into concept design, quality management and their supplier execution process. Suppliers will be allocated responsibilities related to specific parts, enabling multiple suppliers to work concurrently across a common assembly with appropriate access. Part Quality Plans are assigned, allowing suppliers to adhere to the company’s standardised improvement and planning best practices.

It includes cross-functional component management, enabling all stakeholders to work from a single component management system; allowing designers can identify components for sourcing while procurement gets improved visibility into engineering requirements to assist in make good sourcing decisions.

3DEXPERIENCE Supplier and Sourcing Management solution includes:

  • Bidding Management
  • RFQ Management
  • Supplier Database Management
  • Supplier Qualification and Ranking
  • Supplier Capability Management
  • Supplier Score Cards Management
  • Supplier Compliance Management

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