New Product Introduction NPI

Why Might You Need A New Product Introduction (NPI) Solution?

There is continuous and growing demand for more complex and innovative products, combined with shorter product development cycles which is driving the need for more effective, lean New Product Introduction NPI processes.  From new product identification, to the product launch and beyond to management of extended life products, the NPI process must be carefully planned and maintained to enable an organisation to efficiently deliver the right product to the right market at the right time.

How Can Design Rule Help?

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform delivers advance NPI processes and templates, supported by best of breed enterprise collaboration tools to enable the initiation-to-delivery process.  These assist any company to build a strong product portfolio using standard stage/gate processes to manage ideas and approve successful designs. It also enables cross-functional consensus, where discussion and review of alternatives are managed effectively and all business requirements have been taken into consideration. 3DEXPERIENCE provides complete visibility of a project and provides real-time access to project pipelines and data for rapid analysis and decision making. NPI dashboards and graphical reports deliver a dynamic view of phase/gate activities by functional responsibilities and project status providing management with real-time critical information to assist decisions making.

These NPI products assist in coordinating all design control tasks required for product commercialisation. All documents created during the process of taking requirements though to product specification, test procedures, technical product review, risks assessment, and phase review development are built into a design history file for easy tracking and subsequent audit.

3DEXPERIENCE for New Product Introduction includes:

  • New product introduction processes
  • Stage-gate assessment
  • Product or device history file
  • Product release authorization
  • Satisfy QSR/ISO regulatory requirements
  • Achieve Six Sigma objectives through enhanced process control

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