Model Based Definition

What Is Model Based Definition?

Model Based Definition MBD is a new generational approach that allows companies we work with a single reference for 100% of the product definition – totally in the 3D model. This results in a single source of truth for all product information, including fully accurate and annotated geometric definition within the 3D Model. The MBD approach provides everyone with a controlled single source for all manufacturing, work instructions downstream processes; it also delivers a single traceable source for compliance with regulations and standards. 

2D drawings still create and use, but they become a communications medium, not the reference, and they will always be up to date, however with electronic signatures and with additional tools that automatically generate First Article Inspection reports, Material reports for Purchasing, manufacturing documents etc., many companies are able to stop the use of formal 2D drawings.

How Can Design Rule Help?

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform, with CATIA V5, delivers an industry proven platform for MBD, used by many leading OEMs internally and throughout their supply chains.  Most companies they will adopt MBD to support their customers requirement.

 Model Based Definition solutions include:

  • Provides the easy definition and management of geometric specifications (dimensioning & tolerancing) and annotations of 3D parts, products and processes.
  • 3D annotations can be extracted into 2D drawings and other reports
  • Syntactic and semantic verification allows the user to check the correctness of all the annotations of the active product or part regarding to the standard used.
  • A tolerancing tool can be used to drive the user in the correct semantic and syntactic definition of geometric specifications.
  • Downstream applications (Inspection/Metrology, Tolerancing Analysis, Manufacturing) can easily reuse created annotations.

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