Machining CNC

Why Might You Need Help With Machining CNC?

With increasingly complex products with greater complexity of surface definition, OEMs and their supply chains need to exploit the most advanced and powerful machining techniques available, while ensuring that short delivery times are not compromised by engineering changes or configuration management integrity.

How Can Design Rule Help?

The 3DEXPERIENCE Machining solutions deliver integration between design and manufacturing across the extended enterprise to reduce the impact of design changes on machining processes and deliverables.  It enables manufacturers to program, simulate and optimize their machining strategies with full integration of off-line tool path programming and simulation. Off-line Programmers can identify and fix errors in tool paths earlier to reduce lead times.

3DEXPERIENCE delivers a collaborative platform for production engineers and NC programmers to capture and reuse best practice and lessons learned, deliver NC programmes faster, while maintaining the quality and precision of toolpaths on parts machined. Combined with machine simulation, this eliminates product prototyping and further reduces development costs.

3DEXPERIENCE Machining CNC solution includes:

  • Machine and toolpath Simulation - Program the both the cutting tool and the whole machine, smarter and faster within a 3D lifelike simulation – reducing the number of prototypes
  • Collaboration - Provided cross-discipline collaboration across the extended enterprise to capture knowledge and valuable lessons learned
  • Impact Analysis - Make informed decisions with detailed “impact analysis” for to evaluate engineering and manufacturing change
  • Significantly reduced NC programming time from multithreaded computation
  • A single point of truth for the entire design-to-machining process
  • Automated update of tool paths, etc, when updating modified design geometry in PLM
  • Support for up to 5 axis, mill/turn, etc
  • Powerful Post Processor solutions from IMS

To find out more information about how Design Rule can help you with machining CNC, contact us online.