IP Control and Export Compliance

Why Might You Need An IP Control and Export Compliance Solution?

Companies seek to allow employees to collaborate freely within the company and with business partners across the globe without worrying about sensitive product information, trade secrets, export sensitive or restricted material, ending up in the wrong hands.  It is critical that companies do not accidentally release data, as fines can be extremely costly, and a company’s loss of reputations can be very damaging; e.g. a company can be fined up to $1M for an ITAR breach, and the individual responsible for a large fine and up to 10 years imprisonment.

However if data cannot be shared it creates barriers to collaborative product development that would otherwise result in beneficial product innovation and cost reduction.  The challenge is, how can companies strike the right balance between sharing information and securing it?

How Can Design Rule Help?

3DEXPERIENCE delivers a web based secure Product Lifecycle Management platform that allow both collaborative sharing to support innovation, but also imposes a granular, rule based control on what person, can see what data, in which country or contract, in what context. It fully supports the following  three requirements; Intellectual Property (IP) Protection for company confidential material, Export Control for material that is subject to EAR/ ITAR, etc, and Security Control, e.g. NATO – Confidential/Restricted/etc.

IP Control and Export Compliance solutions include:

  • Classification of Intellectual Property, Export Control and Security Classifications through librarian role
  • Granular Denied-Access Control
  • Access Exceptions with IP and Export control (not Security Control)
  • Out-of-the-box Export Control libraries for EAR/ITAR and most other international Export restrictions
  • Commercial IP access through controlled NDA
  • Classification Assistant
  • User enforcement from session login, for access, viewing, adding and editing data.

To find out more information about how Design Rule can help you with IP control and export compliance, contact us online.