Integrated Mechatronics

Why Might You Need An Integrated Mechatronics Solution?

Coordinating mechatronics design as part of a systems engineering activity across stakeholders is a daunting task as pressure increases to meet more complex design requirements. Rapid and on-going specification changes can make it difficult to keep multi-disciplinary CAD, FEA, eBOMs and other product data accurate and synchronized across the supply chain.

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform manages all mechatronics activities and provides a single, configuration managed, repository for this complex multi-platform  product development data; ranging from requirements, specifications, multi-CAD 3D models, analytic results, to manufacturing requirements -- in order that the mechatronics data set can be securely accessed in real-time by all relevant stakeholders.

How Can Design Rule Help?

Mechanical, electrical and software data, which often have different lifecycles, are captured within a unified product definition to enable designers and engineers to employ a holistic approach to product design from the start of the project. The Collaborative Mechatronics Engineering solution fosters efficient design processes that take into account how well all mechanical and electronic components fit within the product enclosure parts since early in the development cycle so that costly late-cycle design issues can be minimized. This helps companies in handling multi-discipline collaboration process and mastering the mechatronics design complexity. For more information, please download the Collaborative Mechatronics Engineering solution brief.

3DEXPERIENCE Mechatronics Engineering solution includes:

  • Requirements Management -  
  • Multi-CAD Mechanical design (MCAD) authoring and integration
  • Electrical design (PCB) authoring and integration -
  • Electronic design (IC) integration -
  • Flexible & Rigid PCB
  • Electrical Design and 3D Harnessing
  • FE Analysis for thermal, air flow and structure
  • Assembly Simulation and Planning

To find out more information about how Design Rule can help you with integrated mechatronics, contact us online.