Document Management

Why Might You Need A Document Management Solution?

Most organisations are facing a huge volume of internal and external documentation.  Emails, quotes, invoices, specifications, complaints and order forms can quickly cause a breakdown in communications in even the most streamlined of businesses.  Many consumer facing sectors, such Life Sciences, must also deal with issues of managing compliance and regulatory standards documentation for products at different stages in the life cycle. These types of documents are under increased scrutiny in terms of validity and traceability. If a defect or recall is identified, a full audit trail must be quickly retrieved.  With so many designers and engineers, using multiplatform software, managing these files can be a challenge, especially with IP control and Export compliance constraints. 

How Can Design Rule Help?

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform delivers a Web based secure collaboration solution for documentation and correspondence lifecycle management.  With its powerful search, query and audit processes, 3DEXPERIENCE enables organisations to reduce waste, improve process workflows and maintain the security and integrity of the core documentation. The integrity of the document is maintained by the ability to restrict access to essential stakeholders and the continued audit trail that it creates, giving organisations the ability to view and collaborate on documentation from anywhere in the world.

3DEXPERIENCE Documentation Management solutions include:

  • Requirements management - with integration to DOORS
  • Integration with MS Office applications
  • Drag and Drop file management
  • Integrated document templates
  • Flexible numbering and revisioning schemes
  • Document full-text search
  • Secure local  / global Document file vaulting
  • Global Document collaboration
  • Document review, mark-up and redline
  • Electronic signature and sophisticated PDF generation
  • IP/Export Control/Security Classification & Enforcement

To find out more information about how Design Rule can help you with document management, contact us online.