Bill Of Materials

Why Might You Need A Bill of Materials?

In any fast moving industry where products are increasingly more complicated, it is challenging to accurately maintain accurate a functional Bill of Materials through the whole product lifecycle.

With multifaceted configurations and a constant flow of engineering changes (ECs), the bill of materials (BOM) can easily become a potential point of failure.  With a greater drive for collaborative, border free information exchange by designers, engineers and project managers at all stages of the product lifecycle process, business are also challenged with protecting IP or Export Compliance. These demands can leave an organisation struggling to meet tight deadlines and avoid financial or regulatory consequences.

How Can Design Rule Help?

To address these needs, Dassault Systèmes delivers its enterprise wide collaboration 3DEXPERIENCE platform to support Cross Functional BOM management solutions.  Established at the core of its PLM2.0 vision 3DEXPERIENCE offers businesses the opportunity to manage every facet of information from a single, globally accessible location - on site, data centred or cloud hosted.  3DEXPERIENCE bill of materials software is designed to enable effective BOM management at every stage of the product lifecycle, from As-Designed to As-Built/Serviced/EOL.  It permits the creation of a standardised EC/BOM process, with the benefit of optimising all design, production and supply processes throughout your business's extended enterprise, while reducing cost, improving quality and increasing output.

DS Cross Functional BOM Management solutions include:

  • Requirements management
  • Bill of Materials Configuration management
  • Part alternate/substitute management
  • Bill of Materials compare/analysis
  • New part request and development
  • Engineering Change and Effectivity management
  • Globally accessible, browser based collaboration
  • Component search and re-use
  • Managed secure access for Suppliers/Partners; including IP / EXPORT control, e.g. ITAR/EAR, etc.

To find out more information about how Design Rule can help you manage your bill of materials, contact us online.