Design Rule's success in implementing Product Lifecycle Management comes from creating a full and developed overview of business goals, by means of forming a close relationship with our clients. This in turn helps to fully grasp the current business situation and holistically mould a path to future business success.

Business Value Assessment  – How Could A PLM System Benefit Your Business?

One of the main features of the PLMDiscover service is to take into account the value that a Product Lifecycle Management solution can create for a business. Many companies only look at the need for PLM from the viewpoint that it is used to simply solve a functional need of the business. This is where Design Rule differs. Through many years of experience, we understand that for success to be achieved, the whole of the organisations processes must be taken into account. We do not simply look at the short term benefits, we understand that success can only be measured in the long term. This enables Design Rule to create a strategic platform where our customers can continue to develop and grow, in the face of unknown future developments and pressures.

Detailed PLM Requirements

The objective here is to establish the exact details of what the project needs to address. It is of paramount importance to gain a complete understanding of every requirement that the project will have to fulfil for ultimate success. This is critical to the success of any PLM implementation, as it extracts the agreed scope of the project and assists in setting manageable and achievable milestones. Using all the information gained in this phase, Design Rule creates an achievable roadmap to success. This in turn helps all stakeholders to understand and manage expectations and deliverables for the project.