The World's Most Advanced Postprocessing Software

IMSpost™,  transforms CAD/CAM cutter location into the specific machine codes required by NC machines.

IMSpost™, the world's most advanced post processing software works seamlessly with all major CAD/CAM systems, hardware platforms, and NC machines, in one easy to use interface.

The intuitive IMSpost user interface (with a checklist and Windows GUI) provides an efficient work environment that works seamlessly with all major CAD/CAM systems and hardware platforms. IMS macro processor, with source level debugger, provides support for the most complicated postprocessor configurations.

Main IMSpost™ product features

  • Intelligent read-ahead for automatically determining the best solution
  • High Speed Machining
  • Automatic conversion of point to point data to NURBS format
  • Create your own interface, or menus; call your own DLL’s, scripts or programs during postprocessor execution
  • Arc fitting of point to point data in any plane
  • CL file read ahead
  • Advanced linearization for multi-axis machines
  • Optimized output using linear tangency
  • Supports all classes of machines with any number of linear or rotary axes;
  • 5-axis drilling cycles
  • Automatic support of co-linear axes
  • Canned cycles, or simulated drilling cycles for machines without cycle support
  • Use the same postprocessor for any CAM system or hardware platform
  • An easy to use macro language and source level debugging tool traces output line by line, and statement by statement
  • Access to all internal postprocessor variables and source code
  • Conversational output style support
  • User-definable postprocessor syntax
  • Integrated controller emulation/reverse post technology

Download the datasheet here