Marine and Offshore

The Marine and Offshore sector is one of creative imagination, offset by the need for extremely high manufacturing standards. Design Rule can help businesses face these challenges, by making use of the excellence of Dassault Systèmes Design, Collaboration and Program Management based products.

Within the Marine and Offshore sectors is an inherent need for structured innovation and concept development to be nurtured through to the production phase and beyond. This is where a business specific Product Lifecycle Management implementation can help to both drive manufacturing and align processes to ensure the highest level of compliance and safety standards.

Design Rule fully appreciate that addressing these issues requires a holistic approach, as the impact of any non-compliance with documentation or processes directly hits the bottom line. To counteract the growing strains on the sector, Design Rule believes that the installation of a working PLM system can bring inline all activities to help formulate a one directional attitude to profitable success.

Design Rule's Marine and Offshore Solutions Address:

  • Enterprise Governance
  • Engineering Processes
  • Systems Engineering
  • Manufacturing Processes
  • Supply chain management Processes

Design Rule prides itself of offering complete support to our client’s at every stage. This helps to reduce the stress and resistance that can be created with any business change. Design Rule can supply the solutions to the challenges that your business faces, please make an enquiry to let us show you how. Contact us online or call 01604 491661.