Industrial Products and Equipment

Across the industrial equipment sector, manufacturers are being forced to find new and innovative ways to capture opportunities within this dynamic and complex global business environment. Within the sector many manufacturers are facing up to growing demands and challenges such as shrinking profit margins, shorter product lifecycles and an unprecedented demand for growth. There is also an increasing trend for investment and use of developing and emerging markets for both manufacturing and revenue capture.

The birth of Industrial equipment happened during the Industrial Revolution in the 18th century, this is when production went from using slow hand-crafter techniques to using machines that reduce production time and increase consistency of the production process, and the industry continues to look for more ways to improve the production process, adapt to new technologies and increased product complexity.

Companies that operate within the Industrial Equipment sector are finding new and innovative ways to capture opportunities within their competitive landscape. They have to understand the customers’ needs and requirements and adopt the latest engineering technologies and offer services that increase customer satisfaction and retention.

The 3DEXPERIENCE Platform empowers suppliers to deliver more intelligent products and services by providing integrated product management, global collaboration as well as driving organisational and process simplification by providing:

  • A dedicated product lifecycle management solution, centralising product development information from conception to launch
  • The ability to share information digitally, streamlining product lifecycle management requirements and reducing time to market of new products
    • Providing a single source of truth and indicative KPIs
    • Access to all product life cycle status in one view
    • Deliver true Digital Continuity
  • A scalable platform, perfect for a global (remote) workforce to manage the portfolio of  product lifecycle management
  • Improved transparency, empowering innovation,  efficiency and collaboration— for all stakeholders

Business Problem

  • Disjointed production centres across the world
  • Can’t develop and deliver new products quick enough
  • Inability to leverage smart components
  • Engineers spread across multiple locations
  • Product as a Service (PaaS) introduces greater requirements for zero defects

Business Requirements

  • Provide consistent quality products that can be manufactured across the globe
  • Transform to a Service business model
  • Offer more diverse products
  • Include smart components within new products
  • Global collaboration of engineers

Business Benefits

  • Reduce time to market by 50%, reduce product delivery time by 50% and offer the best quality
  • Deliver non-standard requests from standalone machines to complete lines to plants and rapidly quote from a complex portfolio
  • Collaborate globally and deliver a single version of the truth
  • Deliver quality products based on a single BOM at production centres worldwide

With companies facing multiple challenges such as managing multiple production locations across the globe, 3DEXPERIENCE is able to ensure that all of the production teams are using the same bill of materials (BOM), assembly guides and instructions as the others. This is the Single Version of the Truth, ensuring that a company is able to manufacture a consistent product no matter where in the world it is completed.

Other challenges include customer’s requesting specific products with quick delivery; resulting in alterations to a standard product needing to happen quickly, although still going through the formal process of being designed and approved. These  changes then need to be reported down to the production line so the end product can be delivered to customers as quickly as is possible. By utilising 3DEXPERIENCE companies are able to push product alterations through the process quickly and deploy those changes to production centres worldwide.

Design Rule is able to tailor the Dassault Systemés 3DEXPERIENCE solution to meet the most complex requirements Industrial Equipment companies face. Contact us online or call 01604 491661.