High Tech and Electronics

Encapsulated in the very nature of the sector, high-tech electronics are quick moving and very reliant on rapid innovation and connectivity. These needs are directly linked to increasingly narrow windows of opportunity in a dynamic and globally competitive marketplace. Products are becoming consistently more complex in line with consumer demands and the requirements for more stringent regulations are required. Design Rule recognises that organizations must react to intense increases in the pressure on profits as product lifecycles shorten, supply chains expand, regulatory requirements mount, and globalization and out-sourcing increase. These challenges demand a complete end-to-end enterprise PLM solution that can be scaled to the needs of the extended enterprise. 

In light of these demands Design Rule recommends the power of ENOVIA collaboration solutions to bring together stakeholders from across the extended enterprise enabling businesses to stay competitive and become market-leaders. ENOVIA gives manufacturers the power to handle these challenges by offering the greatest breadth of PLM capabilities, in a single yet flexible SOA (Service Oriented Architecture). This means that hi-tech manufacturers can deploy the solution footprint that offers the most impact to their business, while having the ability to grow over time to add additional capabilities without the fear of re-implementation or obsolescence.

Enovia delivers an open and flexible system for managing complexity in product development throughout its lifecycle, and include the following capabilities specifically required for 'best practice PLM implementations within the Electronics sector.
o    Managing and releasing a single, integrated, Engineering BOM; e.g. Mechanical, Electronic and Software deliverables.
o    Engineering BOM release to Manufacture (ERP), including full context validation, to ensure Items are not released with in-complete data or un-released, dependent drawings or specifications
o    Pre-release management of long lead items to procurement or tooling including risk assessment.
o    Part classification management by description or characteristic for rationalised component inventories
o    Integrated MultiCAD file vaulting and revision management.
o    Mechanical: Pro/E, CATIA, SolidEdge, SolidWorks, Inventor, AutoCAD
o    Electronic: Mentor, Cadence, Protel, Zuken
o    Viewing/printing of 200+ formats include comprehensive redline & watermarking.
o    Support for Automotive derived quality planning, e.g. APQP, PPAP, FMEA for Mechatronics manufacturers, or other companies adopting automotive best practices.
o    Full Engineering Change (EC) management workflow, including advanced configuration to manage complex products across a global business.
o    Effectively address IP and design re-use to optimize time-to-market, cost, and quality
o    Ensure the ability to meet regulatory compliance and quality standards goals
o    Project Management, for managing Tasks and activities, linked to MS-Project, facilitating resource planning.

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