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A Consumer’s lifestyle influences the goods they buy. Purchases can be seasonal, event or trend-driven (birthdays, holidays, film merchandise, must-have), which means demand is immediate and often short-lived. Brands must respond quickly to stay in the game. Today’s consumer is connected and better informed than ever before, they want the latest features and will take time to investigate and to compare different product and brand offerings, with aesthetics and quality being key factors in the decision to purchase.

Brands need to innovate on two fronts: globally, because word gets around fast in a socially-connected world, and locally because products must satisfy cultural differences and tastes. Buying power has also shifted. Populations that were once devoted to manufacturing products are now becoming consumers so brands must find a way to satisfy them. And companies must manage these differences while maintaining consistent brand image and value from one country to the next.

To respond to market demands businesses must have a solid infrastructure in place. Companies must continue to recruit and retain the best talent by providing them with exciting environments in which they can express their creativity. From concept to consumer, they need tight control of their supply chain throughout their product development process to deliver the right products to the right market in a timely manner and to budget.

The 3DEXPERIENCE Platform from Dassault Systèmes enables consumer goods companies to respond to these challenges by integrating the product management processes and global collaboration, as well as driving organisational and process simplification with:

  • A dedicated product lifecycle management solution, centralising product information from conception to launch covering design, testing and production
  • The ability to share information digitally, streamlining product lifecycle management requirements and reducing time to market of new products by -
    • ​Providing a single source of truth and indicative KPIs
    • Giving access to product lifecycle status in one view
    • Delivering true Digital Continuity
  • A scalable platform, perfect for a global (remote) workforce to manage a portfolio of brands and products
  • Improved transparency, empowering innovation, driving efficiency and collaboration— for all stakeholders

Market Transformation

  • Virtual and Augmented Reality is changing how and where consumers shop and ‘experience’ products
  • Additive Manufacturing is delivering better results on more substrates and changing the very nature of the supply chain
  • Vertical Retailers and Brand Manufacturers are moving from supply chains optimised for high volume to value chains optimised for flexibility
  • Cloud solutions are allowing small and mid-sized companies to take advantage of technologies previously only available to larger competitors

Business Requirements

  • 3D Design Empowerment - Digital Design to Digital Retail
  • Speed to Market - Develop & Deliver Faster
  • Concept to Consumer - Consumer Engagement & Personalisation
  • Optimise Global/Local Production – Assemble to order & Additive Manufacturing
  • Improve Communication - Collaborate Globally
Our Solutions: 
Perfect Package
Dassault Systèmes Perfect Package Industry Solution Experience, available from the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, is the only digital platform that can accelerate package design, automate the artwork process and drive costs down through a collaborative 3D social experience.