Automotive and Mobility

Design Rule are now seen as one of the industry leaders in Design, Collaboration and Program Management for all ENOVIA and CATIA based products within the Automotive Industry.
We understand that Automotive suppliers and OEMs face some of the greatest challenges of all the industry sectors - the demand for ‘100% First Time Quality’ forces companies to take absolute control of all their data and processes, while at the same time adhering to a mandate of whole supply chain cost reductions. This coupled with the need for truly global, borderless collaborations and continued development innovation has placed huge strains on the profitability of operations.

Design Rule fully appreciate that addressing these issues requires a holistic approach, as the impact of any non-compliance with documentation or processes directly hits the bottom line. To counteract the growing strains on the sector, Design Rule believes that the installation of a working PLM can bring inline all activities to help formulate a one directional attitude to profitable success.

Within the automotive sector, Design Rule has built an extensive customer base of OEM, Supply Chain and Bespoke Automotive Manufactures through our unique approach and understanding of the Process Model and aligning all of our activities to this. Our expertise stems from 17 years of working at every stage of the automotive design process, ranging from OEM design all the way through to Supply Chain delivery. This extended experience has created the ability to select and implement the most apt packages from the DS range and augmenting this platform with external packages to develop fully functional solutions to the ever changing demands on the sector. Using this industry leading software, Design Rule manages the processes that are directly linked to your business demands.
Design Rule prides itself of offering complete support to our clients at every stage. This helps to reduce the stress and resistance that can be created with any business change. Design Rule can supply the solutions to the challenges that your business faces, please make an enquiry to let us show you how. Contact us online or call 01604 491661.