Industries We Work With

Compliance, Itar, manufacturing Product lifecycle management
The aerospace sector remains one of the most pressured industries across the world. The constant demands for profit maximisation in the face of cost minimisation are very apparent. With the intense competition and sky rocketing fuel and material prices, the need for complete value chain management is ever more present. With ever more complex design and manufacturing processes being undertaken, the need for tighter and more complex quality and certification processes to be created. This is where Design Rule comes into its element. With the use of the latest platforms from Dassault Systèmes, Design Rule can help your business accelerate market-driven innovations through integrated solutions.
Industrial Products and Equipment PLM
Across the industrial equipment sector, manufacturers are being forced to find new and innovative ways to capture opportunities within this dynamic and complex global business environment. Within the sector many manufacturers are facing up to growing demands and challenges such as shrinking profit margins, shorter product lifecycles and an unprecedented demand for growth. There is also an increasing trend for investment and use of developing and emerging markets for both manufacturing and revenue capture.
plm, lifecycle management, automotive, manufacturing
Design Rule are now seen as one of the industry leaders in Design, Collaboration and Program Management for all ENOVIA and CATIA based products within the Automotive Industry. We understand that Automotive suppliers and OEMs face some of the greatest challenges of all the industry sectors - the demand for ‘100% First Time Quality’ forces companies to take absolute control of all their data and processes, while at the same time adhering to a mandate of whole supply chain cost reductions. This coupled with the need for truly global, borderless collaborations and continued development innovation has placed huge strains on the profitability of operations.
Consumer Packaged Goods and Retail
In a complex and demanding industry, Consumer Packaged Goods and Retail companies need to deliver products the consumer wants in the most efficient and profitable way possible. Our solutions can help you improve business processes for faster time-to-market, to deliver on-time and budget, enhance collaboration, foster innovation and increase engineering and manufacturing efficiency - whilst also reducing development and manufacturing time and costs.
electronics, High Tech, PLM, product lifecycle management
Encapsulated in the very nature of the sector, high-tech electronics are quick moving and very reliant on rapid innovation and connectivity. These needs are directly linked to increasingly narrow windows of opportunity in a dynamic and globally competitive marketplace. Products are becoming consistently more complex in line with consumer demands and the requirements for more stringent regulations are required. Design Rule recognises that organizations must react to intense increases in the pressure on profits as product lifecycles shorten, supply chains expand, regulatory requirements mount, and globalization and out-sourcing increase. These challenges demand a complete end-to-end enterprise PLM solution that can be scaled to the needs of the extended enterprise.
Marine and Offshore PLM
The Marine and Offshore sector is one of creative imagination, offset by the need for extremely high manufacturing standards. Design Rule can help businesses face these challenges, by making use of the excellence of Dassault Systèmes Design, Collaboration and Program Management based products.