EXALEAD OnePart Reduce

Dassault Systémes' EXALEAD OnePart Reduce focuses on classifying and deduplication existing parts, reducing legacy parts and simplifying the system whilst reducing inventory costs. 

Classification: From the entire legacy universe, quality and method engineers are able to build unique categories of parts. This categorization is made up of part families and sub-families. A single representative part enables the propagation of the information across all the similar parts in the family. Thus all parts inherit the family name. Classification of parts by family facilitates part searching using OnePart.

Deduplication: Once all the parts in the family are classified, specific parts can be tagged as either the master, alternate, or obsolete. The result is massively propagated into OnePart and the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and can be easily sent to the PDM and ERP systems.

Because of the above, the decision making process is smother because parts can be better managed in future allowing for cost and time reductions.

Key Features:

  • Identify and reduce duplicate parts at scale.
  • Simplify clustering of parts for the procurement department.
  • Frees up working capital. 
  • Prevent part proliferation to streamline the parts catalog