DRLTools for SmarTeam

DRLtools for SmarTeam significantly reduces the implementation time of the SmarTeam platform. By delivering pre-built and configurable OOTB++ enhancements to the standard SmarTeam, DRLTools results in faster implementations and higher returns on PLM investments.

Significantly improve usability and reduce implementation - the Design Rule SmarTeam productivity toolset (DRLTools) significantly improves usability and reduces implementation time of SmarTeam PLM solutions. By providing pre-built enhancements to standard SmarTeam functionality, DRLTools enable faster implementations and higher returns on your PLM investment.

Built upon the Design Rule SmarTeam RADE (Rapid Application Development Environment), DRLTools enable individual enhancements to be componentised - simplifying common changes while streamlining their implementation and upgrades. DRLTools not only closes the gap between requested and out-of-the-box SmarTeam functionality, but also reduce the time and cost required to investigate the impact of each change. This leads to faster, lower risk, implementations reducing cost of customisation services up to 50%.

Demonstrably a SmarTeam out-of-the-box implementation will deliver 70% to 80% of an average customers requirement; DRLTools has a proven track record of delivering the other 20% to 30% with no scripting.

SmarTeam Productivity Toolset Overview

DRLTools is designed to be easy to set-up and maintain using the standard SmarTeam Administration Settings. Installation is simple with supplied Install Package MSIs for both client and servers, including Web. DRLTools are split into Client tools and Server Tools:

DRLTools Client Side Functions

  • Add Folders to New Project
  • Assign a New File from Template
  • Cascading Pick List
  • Revision System
  • Copy Attribute Values
  • Clear Values after Operation
  • Find and Link Matching Object
  • Create/Search and Link Object
  • Create Processor System Queue Object
  • Update Community Workspace
  • Must Enter Comment
  • Drag and Drop Desktop Application
  • Link To Active Flow Process
  • Workflow and Attribute Security Models
  • Workflow Verify User
  • Workflow Choose Next Node
  • Workflow Choose Next and Future Node Users
  • Workflow Update From Process
  • Debugging Tools

DRLTools Server Side Functions

  • Trigger Systems—timer/MSQ/File Watcher/Push Button
  • Processor Systems – universal batch processing
  • PDF Generation—Electronic Signature/Watermarks
  • Export System – XML/CSV/Excel/Sharepoint etc.
  • Import System —XML/CSV/Excel etc.Community Workspace publish enhancements


New enhancements, driven by customer needs, are constantly evolving and improving. Typically if an enhancement is viewed as generic and would be widely used, it would be incorporated into the general release.

Web Editor support for R17 & R18 within the constraints of the SmarTeam WEB APIs, we have delivered a large number of DRLTools that work in the WEB interface. These include the server-side tools, as well as Cascading Pick List, etc.

The tools for SmarTeam Workflow have been significantly enhanced and now deliver an unprecedented level of Workflow control and granularity; a control mandated on our customers to address the most demanding compliance legislation.