CATIA Composer

CATIA Composer is a flexible and easy to use content creation system, ideal for your more dynamic product communication needs. Formerly known as 3DVIA Composer, it streamlines the creation of product documentation and technical illustrations, and provides an efficient platform for creating animated 3D assembly and maintenance instructions, as well as interactive marketing communications.

With this software, non-technical users can create 2D and 3D files directly from 3D CAD data. It can help you to keep your costs low and get your products to market faster, by keeping product deliverables up to date automatically. Create high resolution raster images in formats including BMP, JPG, PNG and TIF, and produce 2D line art as SVG and CGM files quickly and easily.

Users will be able to control and manage access to their intellectual property, and use patented “Secure3D” technology to prevent copying or theft. CATIA Composer enables you to produce technical product communications that help customers and partners to understand and retain information more effectively.

Key Features

  • Ability to handle all 3D CAD data
  • No CAD knowledge or training required
  • Intuitive annotation for reference and collaborative review
  • Outputs are industry-standard file formats, including PDF, HTML, AVI
  • Outputs in graphics based formats, including SVG and CGM

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