CATIA 3DExperience facilitates innovation in companies of all sizes and industries, delivering breakthrough productivity design solutions powered by a highly collaborative platform. This software can be used for systems engineering, shape design, mechanical, equipment engineering and company knowledge reuse.

CATIA offers a full spectrum of design capabilities as well as collaboration between electrical, mechanical and systems designers to promote continuous innovation. This makes the software ideal for aerospace, automotive, industrial equipment, high tech and shipbuilding industries.

CATIA 3DExperience users can collaborate with CATIA V5 users in real time, and 3D models can be edited in either versions and sent between the two while retaining their core features.

CATIA is a Dassault Systèmes pioneer brand and the world’s leading solution for product design and innovation. Several thousands of companies from large OEMs to SMEs in multiple industries worldwide have already chosen the virtual design capabilities of CATIA to help them build successful products.

Key Features

  • Support customers with agile design and quality improvement in all domains and industries
  • Extensive range of products to support multiple disciplines and complex design solutions
  • Integration with and easy transition to CATIA 3DExperience
  • Several new “Smart” products to address innovation challenges:
    • Mechatronics Systems
    • Ergonomics
    • Software Integration
    • Advanced Materials
    • Advanced 3D Master concept
  • Strong integration with most external industry standard applications

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