DELMIA APRISO provides a unified approach to achieve and sustain manufacturing excellence across all operations, by enhancing visibility, control and synchronisation. The unified suite of manufacturing software applications can coordinate all of your manufacturing operations – within the plant, across the enterprise, and out to the extended supply chain. Thanks to APRISO you can gain true enterprise-wide manufacturing visibility and intelligence, delivered directly to your desktop, mobile device, executive dashboard or through your Enterprise Resource Planning system.

A Comprehensive Solution. Apriso is far more than a traditional Manufacturing Execution System (MES). It's a next-generation Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) platform that can help you navigate the complex transformation that manufacturing is undergoing. The modular Apriso suite stretches across all your plant-level activities: Production, Warehouse, Quality, Maintenance and Labor. As a global manufacturing suite, Apriso ties each of your plants, partners and suppliers together. You manage how operations interact, how one activity affects another and how your whole global manufacturing system is performing. That's manufacturing excellence.

Unprecedented Visibility. Apriso provides up-to-the-minute information on all elements of manufacturing: people, processes, equipment, tooling, materials, specifications and suppliers. Actionable dashboards, alerts, key performance indicators and focused analytics provide a true understanding of manufacturing to ensure predictable order fulfillment. That's manufacturing excellence.

True Control. Apriso lets you track, trace and control all your manufacturing operations – both within your company and across your global enterprise – to drive and sustain continuous improvement, Lean manufacturing and Six Sigma initiatives. By delivering intelligence embedded within each manufacturing process that is actionable, a powerful scenario is possible whereby issues can be addressed literally “on the fly,” giving you the control to respond quickly to change. That's manufacturing excellence.

Full Synchronisation. With visibility and control, you can synchronize manufacturing operations on a global scale. Accelerate Just-in-Time manufacturing with full material synchronization to drive innovation to new levels. Tightly coordinate and execute corporate functions across your distributed manufacturing enterprise – and monitor progress via user-defined dashboards to best manage progress. Align engineering with production via closed-loop product data flows to establish a demand driven product supply network that is capable of synchronizing your suppliers with your actual demand. Transmit quality intelligence via supplier portals to collaborate on operational performance improvement. That's manufacturing excellence.

Future-Proof Technology Platform. Big bang IT deployments are no longer a viable option. Global manufacturing is a discipline that is always on, and must always be improved. Invest once in the right technology platform to unlock the power of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Now is the time to invest in an Industrial Internet of Things framework to achieve sustained innovation improvement, ensuring your ability to take advantage of the new technology tools that are now transforming manufacturing operations. That's manufacturing excellence.

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