3DVS Visualisation Platform for 3DEXPERIENCE

3DVS Visualisation Platform for 3DEXPERIENCE provides a new paradigm for enterprise visualisation of super-large 3D CAD data sets, additionally delivering on the promise of the PLM democratisation with instant 3D for non-CAD users on non-CAD hardware.

3D Modeling has revolutionised the way in which products are designed and engineered - but being able to embed this information in a company’s daily business processes has been a challenge. The 3DVS Visualisation Platform for 3DEXPERIENCE changes that paradigm.   

  • Extending 3D Across the Enterprise. The key to making complex 3D models available to this wider community is to make the model information lightweight and responsive, whilst still maintaining the product structure, intelligence and high quality rendered imagery with an easy to use interface.
  • High Performance Visualisation. The 3DVS Visualisation Platform has been built using the latest 3D visualisation technology from Kisters with the latest tools and techniques for integration into PLM platforms, enabling seamless sharing of complex 3D information over the web.  It maintains synchronisation between the 3D Models in 3DEXPERIENCE and the .3dvs files in the Kisters Webviewer Cache, so that they are always up to date.

Benefits include:

  • Cached performance
  • Browse from top of your product structure to the bottom instantly
  • No network latency
  • Web Streaming technology
  • Server based rendering
  • Pixel streaming
  • Proprietary Lightweight display format
  • 3D Models conversion into .3dvs files

Lightweight Infrastructure Impact:
The 3DVS Visualisation Platform for 3DEXPERIENCE has minimal impact to an organisation’s IT infrastructure with:

  • Enterprise access for the whole business, subject to PLM permissions
  • Minimal network traffic
  • Minimal additional data storage
  • Zero client installations or processing (HTML5)
  • Supports mobile devices support inc. iOS and Android